About Linda

About Linda

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Born and raised in New Hampshire and a Bedford resident for 44 years, I have embraced and supported the solid core values of our state’s heritage. During my life I have acquired a sincere love of this state and its beautiful environment, a respect for Yankee ingenuity and entrepreneurship, and an appreciation of New Hampshire’s fiscally conservative culture. I am proud to be a New Hampshire native!

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire, I raised 5 children, 4 of whom still live in New Hampshire. I taught high school Latin for 12 years and am now retired.

After a school bus accident seriously injured my daughter in 1986, my passion grew into advocating for safer roads for vulnerable users such as pedestrians and bicyclists. I was a director of the Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire. In 2008, as Executive Director of the Bike-Walk Alliance of NH, I was instrumental in passing the 3-foot law, which created a safer automobile passing distance around bicyclists. In Bedford, I served on the Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Master Plan Committee.

I am an avid sportswoman and in recent years have bicycled solo and self-contained throughout the U.S. and in Europe and have completed a triathlon. I was coordinator for an Easter Seals bike-a-thon, am an enthusiastic supporter of Special Olympics, and formerly volunteered at the annual Winter Special Olympics in Waterville.

In 2014, I was elected to the New Hampshire legislature as a Representative for Bedford, NH, District 7.  During my first term, I co-sponsored several legislative bills comprising the subjects of pro-life, default budgets, exemptions to mandatory vaccines, and fees for transportation improvements charged by municipalities. I served on the Resources, Recreation, and Development Committee, which complemented my interest in the environment, recreation, and tourism of New Hampshire, for two terms including serving as clerk in my second term. I am a member of the Commission on Long Term goals and Requirements on Drinking Water in the Seacoast Area and a member of the  NH Film and Television Commission.

I am honored to represent my constituency and have an excellent attendance record at all sessions reflective of my commitment to New Hampshire and legislative service.

I enjoy serving other organizations with purpose.  Currently, I am a member of the Polish American Congress, NH Right to Life, a past board member of Granite State Wheelmen and Bike- Walk-Alliance of NH, and a member of the Bedford Women’s Club and  Bedford Republican Committee.